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Microblading For Hair Loss

I recently had someone ask me if a reaction to hair dye could kick off hair shedding. She said in part: “my hair was doing perfectly until I tried a new|a brand new hair dye. Once I put it on my scalp, it burned. That same day, my hair started falling out. And it continued to shed over the past 90 days. From the research that I have done, it appears to my that I might have shedding because of telogen effluvium. But everything that I read suggests that this problem is caused by internal changes in the body. The hair dye would be an external change. But I swear that there was nothing wrong with my hair or scalp before I colored my hair. Is it feasible that the hair dye kicked off this massive shedding?”

I have to admit that my first inclination was to accept this woman and claim that no, hair coloring can’t cause telogen effluvium as it is mostly due to internal stress for the body like childbirth, stopping or starting medications, or crash diets. At this point, your hair follicles enter in the resting or shedding phase. And I wondered how using hair dye could inspire the identical. It didn’t make plenty of sense in my opinion.

However, curiosity got the greater of me and I did some research on this. I came across a 2001 study by which Italian dermatologists considered this very issue. The doctors’ conclusion at the end of the analysis was that allergic contact dermatitis should be included in possible factors behind telogen effluvium as the result of hair dye. In other words, the doctors felt that some of the women inside the study had hairloss which was due to an allergic reaction towards the hair coloring. (Keep in mind that the woman in the above scenario felt a burning sensation once the color came in touch with her scalp.) The dermatologists suggested that perhaps that this inflammatory process from your allergic attack could have triggered the shedding. Now, this will make sense to me. Inflammation is really a phrase that comes up time and time again in literature concerning hair thinning. In fact, many people experiencing hair thinning furthermore have a condition called “burning scalp syndrome” where the scalp turns red or pink and becomes painful because of the inflammation which comes from those changing follicles of hair which i just mentioned. I suppose it is possible for this also to happen prior to the shedding starts.

To answer the question posed, most specialists will deny that hair dye can kick off an extended round of shedding. But a report that I found contradicted this collection of thinking. Therefore, it’s my personal opinion that a hypersensitive reaction towards the dye (however, not the dye itself) can contribute to shedding and hair thinning in a few people. And frankly, after the morning, I’ve learned never to question any one’s hair loss. If you are seeing troubling hair loss, that’s obvious evidence that something is going on and you also likely have a trigger somewhere. You need to simply find it. And if you noticed your hair fall starting soon after using a painful or bad knowledge of colour, then which makes lots of sense for me.

It wasn’t hair dye that kicked off my shedding, but I have learned to get open about possible triggers, since each person have a tendency to react to different things. What exactly is truly important is just how you look after your scalp and your dveiva while you are experiencing the shedding. I know this process could make you feel helpless, but there are often ways that you could take a minimum of a few of the control back and begin to feel just a little about you along with your hair.

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